Note : a) Keep the LCD panel turned ON to enable the unit todispense water anytime you need it

Note : a) For newly purchased Evee multi-function dispensers, turned on for the first time – it may take up to 8-12 hours for the cooling LED light indicator to turn green and dispense cold water.

b) With Evee, you have full control. You can choose to deactivate cooling to save electricity. If you ever choose to turn COOLING on again after turning it off since it turned green for the first time, COOLING will only take 15-20 minutes every thereafter.

c) Every time you turn Evee Atlantis OFF, COOLING will also turn off automatically. However, you can turn it OFF and keep COOLING turned ON. You can do this by turning COOLING on again after you turned Evee Atlantis off. This will enable Evee Atlantis to continue dispensing Cold Water every time.

Note : a) For HALF – it will exactly dispense 500 mL. It will automatically stop after it dispenses 500mL but you can choose to stop anytime Evee Atlantis from dispensing by gently tapping the HALF icon once.

b) For FULL – It will exactly dispense 1 Liter. It will automatically stop after it dispenses 1L but you can choose to stop anytime Evee Atlantis from dispensing by gently tapping the FULL icon once.

Note : a) Initially you will see the actual temperature reading of the water inside the smart kettle after filling up the smart kettle in Step 6 with the desired water volume…tap the HEATING icon for 3 seconds until it displays ’50’.

b) Continue gently tapping it to the desired temperature, note that per tap is by increments of ‘5 degrees Celcius’ (55, 60, 65… and so on until 100). Stop at the desired temperature and let Evee do the work – it will begin to boil the water once you have stopped tapping in 1.5 seconds. The water will automatically turn off once desired temperature is reached.

c) Do not be surprised if the reading goes up even after boiling has automatically stopped at desired temperature. It is an ambient temperature display, once the water is poured, it will be exactly the temperature you had it set on Evee Atlantis.

Note : a) If you want to maintain your hot water temperature, pour the hot water from your kettle into the Teapot placed on the Warmer.
b) Tap WARM icon for 2 seconds and it will maintain your temeprature until you turn it off.

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