EVEE Mutlfunction Dispenser

“Sleek up your home with
your very own EVEE Atlantis!”

A proudly Pinoy company, EVEE Home Technologies, a subsidiary of Dynamic SLJ Ventures Inc., delights in bringing innovative appliances into every home.

“EVEE is for every household that enjoys the warmth of family, the company of friends or the blissful time alone.”

  • 4.87 out of 5
  • 4.87
  • 60 Reviews

Evee Silver

Sleek up the room with Evee Silver, Intelligent Bottom Load Dispenser
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  • 4.86 out of 5
  • 4.86
  • 58 Reviews

Evee Gold

Brighten your space with Evee Gold Intelligent Bottom Load Dispenser
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  • 4.86 out of 5
  • 4.86
  • 58 Reviews

Evee White

Tasteful abode with Evee White, Intelligent Bottom Load Dispenser
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See what people are saying!

I like how everything is so convenient with it! We used to lift our heavy gallon but now we simply tuck it underneath. Thank you for making my life easier! My whole family loves EVEE!

- Sharon B., EVEE Customer

It’s the best dispenser I ever had! I used to have a smart kettle to make my coffee or tea- now I don’t need it. EVEE has made my drinking experience more satisfying. Thank you for this amazing product! Even got one for my sister as a gift.

- Mark A., EVEE Customer

My friends thought it was a fridge. That’s how sleek it is. It starts a conversation with my clients in the office and I like how easy it is to serve a drink. I got one for the house too, my wife and kids love it.

- Jason O., EVEE Customer

Being 62 years old, I thought EVEE was a difficult product to use but it turned out to be so easy! It is intuitive and touch sensitive, it dispenses my water at a press of a button. It looks nice in our dining area, it doesn’t look like a water dispenser at all! It’s become my water dispenser,coffee machine and smart kettle, all-in-one. Me and my husband absolutely love it!

- Martha R., EVEE Customer

Safe, Food
Grade Materials

Quality Assured,
ISO Certified Product

Easy to Use


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